The Blagdon Home Farm


"Meat the way it used to taste "

Our philosophy is QUALITY :

  • Quality of Taste

  • Quality of Product and

  • Quality of Life for our Animals

We always encourage people to come and see our farm and production facilities and we regularly conduct guided tours especially for school children, as educating our consumers of the future is an important part of our philosophy.

The farm is a LEAF farm (an organisation which supports environmentally sensitive farming), situated on the Blagdon Estate at Stannington near Newcastle upon Tyne.

We operate a "Holistic Farming Policy" returning to traditional farming methods and feed our animals on cereals grown on our own farm using green fertilisers whenever possible.

At Blagdon we produce

  • Rare and traditional breed beef

  • Rare breed outdoor reared pork

  • Free range poultry

  • Chickens, Ducks, Quail & Guinea Fowl

  • Christmas Turkeys & Geese

  • Seasonal Venison & Pheasant

Our produce is sold direct from the farm to top quality restaurants in the North East as well as through our own Blagdon Farm Shop and a small number of local quality independent butchers.

We are able to supply anything from whole carcasses to individual cuts of meat.

The Blagdon Home Farm is committed to supporting endangered breeds of traditional British livestock.

We also produce chickens, ducks , quail and guinea fowl all year round and turkeys and geese for the Christmas market. All the poultry is free range and matured slowly for superior flavour. Our birds are killed and processed on the farm, reducing stress and improving the quality of the meat.

A small acreage of potatoes and vegetables such as cauliflowers, leeks etc are also produced, mainly for the farm shop.

We always supply our produce as fresh as possible and can deliver refrigerated products locally. We pride ourselves in establishing good relationships with our customers.

For further information contact :
Andrew Crewdson 07534 895875
Email : blagdonfarm@btconnect.com