Welcome to the Residential tenant's page. We hope that you will be very happy and comfortable living at Blagdon and will manage to join in when we have events on the estate.

We try to look after the estate and ask that all tenants follow the guidance issued by the estate to help us maintain this standard. In particular:


Please keep your garden tidy both for the sake of the overall appearance of the estate and in consideration for your neighbours.


If you have pets please keep them well under control, if you do take them for walks on the estate please keep to the paths, do not wander off into the woods as this can be dangerous for both you and your pets, remember we are a working estate and excercise pest control on a regular basis. Please clean up after your pet, we regularly cut the grass on the paths and it is very unpleasant for someone to strim grass that is fouled by animal mess.


Please pay your rent on time, late payments create extra work for the estate office staff, affects our cash flow and has an effect on the level of rent reviews.


Please report  faults to the estate office we will deal with all requests on a priority basis. You must report repair requests directly to the office in order that they can be recorded and the progress monitored, please do not rely on speaking to a member of staff in the passing as it is easy for such requests to be forgotten. Please read your tenancy agreement carefully, some repairs are your responsibility, abortive call outs are expensive and we may have to pass these costs on by charging you.
Emergency call outs out of hours should be kept to a minimum, our resources are stretched and in many cases nothing can be done until the next working day anyway. You should make yourself aware of where your stopcock is and where your electrical trip switches are, if you need help with this please contact the estate office.

Please not you must not carry out improvement work without the written permission of the estate. Our properties may have asbestos lagging in inaccessible places including roof spaces, this is perfectly safe if left undisturbed. However disturbance of these areas can be extremely hazardous. Please contact the estate office if you have any concerns about this


We often call out to inspect reported rising damp problems that turn out to be condensation which a tenant's responsibility. Please read the leaflet on condensation both to look after the property and your own possessions and health.


The estate office will handle all calls for repair requests during office hours, including emergencies. Should you have an emergency out of office hours, please refer to the tenants leaflet for emergency numbers. Please also check the documents above for advice on individual items. Please remember we will only respond to extreme emergencies out of hours, and it is not always possible to obtain tradesmen seven days a week. You should make yourself aware of where the stop cocks are, electrical distribution boards etc. If you need advice please call the estate office and we will send someone to show you where these are.


Please check the website regularly, we update the newsletter each month which gives information on estate events and other announcements. If you wish to contribute to the newsletter please contact the office, any contributions will be most welcome.


We provide a number of documents detailing advice for tentants, please feel free to download the items listed below.

Advice about Septic Tanks and Drains

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.