Welcome to the Residential tenant's page. We hope that you will be very happy and comfortable living at Blagdon and will manage to join in when we have events on the estate.


We try to look after the estate and ask that all tenants follow the guidance issued by the estate to help us maintain this standard. In particular:


Please report estate type emergencies to the estate office on telephone: 01670 789621 and avoid contacting any of the nominated Blagdon contractors direct.  The estate has an answerphone message for out of hours call outs.  Out of hours calls to the estate will be assessed to decide the best course of action.


The Home Farm along with the estates farm tenants, shooting syndicates and forestry team all work together to conserve and enhance wildlife habitats found on the estate - as a result we have seeen numbers of threatened farmland birds such as Grey Partridge, Yellowhammer and Lapwing stabilise or in some cases increase.  However, these birds will be starting to nest and therefore it is important to emphasize that footpaths are kept to and dogs are in close control or kept on leads.

If you have queries on the location of footpaths or any other access query, please contact the estate office.



Monthly rents should be paid on or before the first of each month. All other rents are due on the quarterly rent payment dates. Please keep up to date with your rent to avoid arrears and unecessary costs being incurred by the estate.   If you have a change in circumstances which impacts on your ability to pay your rent, please inform the estate office immediately to discuss. Such matters will be kept confidential between landlord and tenant.


Landlord repairs should be reported by telephone to the estate office during opening hours which are 9am - 2pm, Monday - Friday.   The estate office telephone number is 01670 789621.

Please read your tenancy agreement carefully before reporting landlord repairs as some repairs, such as blocked gutters and household drains can be the tenants responsibility.    In the event of an estate type emergency repair please telephone the office to be re-directed to the out of hours emergency telephone number.  Repairs should not be emailed to the estate office as a response cannot always be guaranteed.


Tenants should seek permission on a permit to work form before carrying out any work to our properties.  In all cases, contractors carrying out work should have sufficient liability insurance in place before commencing any refurbishment works. Permit to work forms can be obtained from the estate office.


At the estate we often receive calls from our tenants to report problems with damp.  In many of these cases, the problem is not damp it is condensation within the house which can be caused by a lack of ventilation and stale air, leading to a foisty atmosphere and mold forming.

All properties should be aired frequently by opening windows and doors to let the fresh air in and stale air outside. Cooking, drying clothes on radiators and bathing can cause a significant amount of moisture inside the house.  Clothes should be dried outside or in a vented dryer.  Windows should be opened whilst cooking and after bathing to let the moisture out.

These small changes can make a significant difference to the inside of the house and prevent the build up of condensation and mold forming.


Please continue to chek the estate website and the 'News' section to keep up to date with non-urgent information and events etc.  The Blagdon Bull newletter is also published bi-monthly on the website which is also useful source of information.   If there is anything you would like to be added to the newsletter, possibly a local event or similar, please contact us.


Advice - Please find below some useful downloads for tenants.