Newsletter October 2019

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October 2019

Welcome to the October edition of the Blagdon Bull newsletter. Where has the year gone?

We are extremely sad to have lost Andy Crewdson, the Blagdon Farm manager who died in August.  Andy was one of the great characters and his loss has left a huge hole in all of our hearts.

Here at Blagdon, we feel there are some lovely people.  Andy was one of the team and it is not until you have lost someone that it makes you feel you should stop, reflect and appreciate the work we all do here.


Blagdon Calendar Competition    poster!

We in the estate office have thought how nice it would be to have a Blagdon calendar for 2020 so we are looking for 13 photos that capture 'Blagdon'.  These can be of Blagdon people, the workforce, tenants, grounds, open days, events, cricket, private gardens, contractors, projects, animals, livestock etc.

You are invited to submit your photographs to the estate office with a title and permission from the subject(s) by the 25th of October 2019.  They should be high resolution (a minimum of 300 dots per inch) and of landscape size A5 (148 x 210 mm) or A4 (210 x 291 mm) to be considered.

Judging will take place at the beginning of November, ready for the calendar to be published in early December.  The winners will receive a free copy of the 2020 calendar (one per entrant) and we hope to then sell the calendars in readiness for the start of the new year.

So why not start clicking your cameras, ready for the closing date on the 25th of October and email your photos to me. Full details and requirements in the poster attached, above.  Remember we are trying to capture 'Blagdon' and not reproduce anything such as the calendar girls or anything like that, please!


Old Blagdonian's update, by Alison Gajdus, September 2019.

"I love meeting up with everyone again and having the chance to catch up but why does it always have to be on such a sad occasion?  After hearing this a number of times at funerals for people connected to Blagdon, the idea to hold a regular social event for 'Old Blagdonians', that is people who had been connected to the Blagdon community in some way but had since moved away, seemed a good idea.  Susan Stewart, Sheila Trafford and I arranged to meet up to see if we could organise it.  That was back in 2017.  We planned to self-fund it and give any donations to charity each time, picking a different day of the week so that people with standing appointments could come along to one of the sessions.  As both Sheila and Susan have been involved with the Estate in various ways for many years, they had lots of contact details.  Susan's previous involvement with the Estate Office made her the perfect person to liaise with them.   We are grateful to Lord Ridley for allowing us to use the clockroom and refunding us for the refreshments.

The first coffee morning was in November 2017 and we have held one 3 or 4 times a year since settling to a pattern on, one in the spring, early summer and in the autumn. The charities that have benefitted are Josie's Dragonfly Trust £50, Great North Air Ambulance £72.25, British Heart Foundation £95, Macmillan Cancer Support £80, Daft as a Brush £112 and the Scoliosis Association £80.  The next charity to benefit will be the Stroke Association.  If anyone has a particular charity they would wish supported, this can be added to the list!

Also, the event is not just for people who are 'Old Blagdonians', it is a chance for them to meet and make new friends with the current community at Blagdon.  Everyone who is part of Blagdon, either past or present, who lives or has lived, works or has worked here, is welcome to come along".

The next Blagdonian Coffee Morning is Thursday 10th of October, 10.30-12 noon in the Clock room.


Great North Runners from Blagdon

A number of people from Blagdon took part in this years' Great North Run.  It attracted 57,000 runners and is the biggest half marathon in the world. A very big "Well done" to the Blagdon runners for their amazing efforts and to everyone that took part in this years race. Matthew Williamson, Agent for Blagdon said that whilst he really enjoyed the atmosphere, he is definitely not doing it again next year!

Macmillan Open Gardens event

On the 1st of September Bob and Lyn Downer hosted the Macmillan open garden event at Blagdon.  The day attracted 135 visitors through the gate and made £2050 for the charity.


Office opening hours/Emergency contacts:

The Blagdon estate office is open Monday-Friday, 9am until 5pm for any enquiries, reports of repairs, estate type issues.  The office number is: 01670 789621.

In an emergency please contact:

Gas Emergencies

If you smell gas telephone: 0800 111 999. Turn off the gas immediately at the meter, contact emergency gas service to ask them to attend.


If you suffer a power cut telephone: 105 (free).  This is the national emergency number and they will put you through to your local electricity network operator.

The managing Agent, Matthew Williamson lives on Blagdon and is available for all other estate emergencies, out of hours.  His mobile tel is: 07824 437940.  Matthew will assess whether or not to call contractors out on a case by case basis.


Blagdon Rent Dates - Reminder

Rent is payable, in advance on the following dates:

2nd February

12th May

1st August

11th November

Therefore, rent should be paid on or before the quarter day regardless of whether or not you have received the invoice from the Estate office. The office cannot accept cash payments for rent and if you do have issues, or difficulties paying your rent on time, please contact this office in confidence.



The White Bridge remains closed.  Scaffolding has been put in place and repairs will be taking place in the coming months.


Clockroom Visitors, reminder:

Visitors to the clockroom are kindly asked to park in the wooded area car park, behind the office. Parking in the courtyard is for disabled visitors access only. If you are visiting the clockroom at night, please could we all be mindful there are tenants that reside in the vicinity and keep any noise to a minimum.


Hot/Cold Food Delivery:

We are still contemplating whether or not to have a hot/cold food delivery service a couple of times a week to the estate office. If any tenants (residential or commercial) would be interested in such a service, or knows anyone that would like to offer hot and cold food e.g. sandwiches etc. for sale and deliver them to the office twice a week, please email details to:

Residential & Commercial lettings:

We welcome the new residential and commercial tenants to Blagdon. We wish them all the very best in their new properties.

New applicants for properties can apply through the estate website "lettings" section to be added to the waiting list or contact the office on tel: 01670 789621 to register your details.




Reminder about security & cameras:

Blagdon Estate is private and access is "by appointment only".  The Estate has CCTV operating which was recently upgraded.  We have Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras and if you would like to have your car registration details added to our system, inform Jill in our reception.

Unauthorised visitors

As we are all aware, Blagdon is private and should not be accessed by the public without permission or an appointment.  It has come to our attention that wedding photographers have come onto the estate to take wedding photographs without permission.  We would ask that if you notice something like this please report it to the estate office immediately, or to Matthew Williamson, Agent.   Our CCTV and ANPR cameras are operating and footage is kept as evidence of any trespassers such as this coming onto the estate.

Dog Walkers:

The walled garden is very popular with dog walkers. Please adhere to the signage and clean up after your dog.



Land based training often takes place on Blagdon as well as tree felling and timber operations.  Please take care whilst you are out and about and observe the warning signs.


Danger Signs

The Condensation season!

Many tenants suffer from condensation in their homes between October and April and when the temperature outside drops. In order to help to combat condensation here are some suggestions;

1) Ventilate the building by opening windows, keeping ventilation strips on windows and using extractor fans.

2) Dry clothes outdoors or in a tumble dryer.  If you must dry clothes indoors make sure the room is well ventilated and use a dehumidifier whilst clothes are drying.

3) Use an extractor fan when cooking or bathing.

4) Ventilate the bathroom, shower rooms externally during and after use, keeping the door closed.

5) Maintain an even temperature within the building. Avoid periods of very high or very low temperatures.


If you have any comments, or anything you would like to see included in the bi-monthly Blagdon Bull newsletter, please feel free to send me an email for consideration.

Blagdon's website is another source of information and we often advertise rental properties on there for anyone that is looking to live on the estate.

The next edition of the newsletter will be in December 2019.

Kind Regards,

Claire Scott

Estate Administrator