Spring Newsletter 2022


Blagdon Bull Newsletter - Spring Edition, March 2022

I hope you have all had a decent start to the new year.  This is our first newsletter of 2022, and we have lots to tell you about, here;

The recent storms brought winds of, up to 100mph, resulting in the loss of power and significant damage to properties and trees across the estate. Estate staff and contractors are still working hard to carry out repairs and to clear up trees and fallen branches.  Please take care whilst out walking, especially when you can see and hear chainsaws and forestry machinery in the woodlands.

The Walled Garden has now re-opened after the glass has been replaced, the signs will be taken down.  Please continue to take extra care as there has been a lot of broken glass cleared up in there.

This year is Her Majesty the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and we are planning an event on the lawn for staff, pensioners, contractors and tenants. Michelle, Estate Secretary will be sending out  invitations shortly and collating RSVP's.


Dates for your Blagdon diaries;

Wednesday 6th April, Country Trust school visit

Sunday 24th April, Red Cross Open Gardens *POSTPONED*

Tuesday 26th April, Country Trust school visit

Wednesday 4th May, Country Trust school visit (Farm)

Sunday 22nd May, National Garden Scheme (NGS) Open Gardens

Saturday 28th May, North East Sight Matters, (private event)

Thursday 2nd June, Queens Platinum Jubilee Event (Private, estate event)

Wednesday 8th June, Country Trust school vist

Saturday 2nd July, Stannington Church concert in the walled garden at Blagdon. Contact Dorothy, tel, 07702 469338 for tickets.

Sunday 17th July, Plant Heritage Open Gardens

Sunday 2nd October, Hospice Care Open Gardens

Thursday 6th October, Country Trust school visit (Farm)

Thursay 3rd November, Country Trust school visit (Farm)


Frosty's Fish and Chips

The mobile chip van will coming to the estate on Friday 25th March, in the usual spot (behind the office), selling from 4.30-7pm to the Blagdon community.  They hope to continue to come to the estate on the last Friday of each month. Enjoy!


New to the estate:

We welcome Glen, Rachel and their family to Blagdon and hope they enjoy living on the estate.


A note about reporting repairs:

Please telephone the office, on 01670 789621 to report repairs.  This allows us to log the calls into our system and for our reception staff to create a works order.  The estate can then decide how to best deal with the problem and which resoure to allocate.   The estate cannot guarantee a response to reports of repairs when they are sent to individual email addresses which should be avoided.  The estate office opening times are, Monday-Friday, from 9am-1pm.


Estate External Painting:

The external painting contract will be taking place again this year as part of the 5 yearly rolling paint programme for properties.  Once the list of scheduled properties has been finalised we will notify tenants accordingly, to ask them to remove any hazards e.g. plants, equipment and garden furniture to give full the operatives full access to to properties due for painting.



We are going to try and continue to publish a newsletter three times a year on the website.  We hope this will be a spring, summer and winter edition. Tenants can also keep an an eye on our website 'News' section for our latest updates, advice and guidance.  This section is kept updated throughout the year.


Post Office @Stannington:

St Mary's Church, Stannington operates a post office on Monday's between 12 noon - 1.15pm & Fridays from 9.15 - 10.45am.


Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarms:

All tenants are requested to test their alarms regularly to ensure they are in full working order.


Wanted - Blagdon news:

Blagdon is a great community in which to live and work, we like to share  important news amongst our people.  If you have any news or events you would like to be added into the Blagdon Bull newsletter, please email me, Claire@blagdonestate.co.uk.



Claire Scott